Wellness Center

The Orion Center and Beaumont Presents:

Stop by and meet Cindy Zube our new representative from Beaumont, she would be happy to take your blood pressure!

Matter of Balance

This FREE program emphasizes practical strategies to manage falls. You will learn to view falls as controllable, set goals for increasing activity, make changes to reduce fall risks in your home, and exercise to increase strength and balance. Meet with the staff at Beaumont and work on your balance.

Code   Day(s)   Date(s)   Time   Age
3053.113    M   Jan 23-Mar 20   1:30-3:30 pm   50+
3053.224    M   May 1-Jun 26   1:45-3:45 pm   50+

Location:       Orion Center, Wellness Room
Fee:      Free

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Health Movie Series
Come join us on Thursday nights in the Beaumont Wellness Center. Cindy will share valuable information for you so you can make healthy decisions. Stop by anytime to view the 15 to 30 minute movies that will continuously be played. 
Day   Date   Time   Topic   Age

  Mar 23      1:30-7:00 pm        What do those numbers mean from your Lab Blood Work results?   50+
Th   Mar 30   1:30-7:00 pm   Stress Management   50+
Th   Apr 6   1:30-7:00 pm   Mindful Living: Finding Peace in a Stressful World   50+

Location:       Orion Center, Wellness Room
Fee:      Free

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Beaumont Advance Stability

Have you taken the Matter of Balance class? Then this is your next step. This class will meet every Tuesday in the Beaumont Wellness Room. Come exercise with the Beaumont Team. Membership and pre-registration required. No class May 2.

Code   Day(s)   Date(s)   Time   Age
3053.225   Tu   Apr 25-May 30   11:00 am-12:00 pm   50+

Location:     Orion Center, Wellness Center
Fee:      $7

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Beaumont Bereavement Support

Loss affects everyone. We experience loss in a variety of ways, including death of a loved one. We lose jobs, homes our independence, or our health. Grief is universally felt by all who are affected by loss. We will be talking about the normalcy of grief, it's twist and turns, and providing coping tools that all can incorporate into their lives to help them cope with loss. 

Code    Day(s)   Date(s)   Time   Age
30553.213   Th   Apr 13   4:00-5:00 pm   18+
Location:    Orion Center, Orion Room
Fee:   FREE
Beaumont Intro to Mindfulness

Burnout, emotional exhaustion, compassion fatigue, depersonalization, stress, anxiety, depression and substance abuse are prevalent among health care professionals. These have a direct impact on business outcomes such as productivity, absenteeism, presence, medical errors, health care costs, and also patient outcomes such as satisfaction. Mindfulness teaches self-care, self-compassion, communication skills and centering practices. Pre-registration required. 

Code    Day   Date   Time   Age
3120.211   M   Apr 3   4:00-5:00 pm    18+
Location:    Orion Center, Wellness Room
Fee:   FREE
Beaumont Blood Pressure

Need your blood pressure taken: Cindy is here to help you with that. Stop in and she will be glad to help. Ask about the new movies for the spring!

Location:     Orion Center, Wellness Center
Fee:    FREE

Beaumont "Ask the Physical Therapist" Topic: Exercise and Arthritic Pain

Meet Beaumont's Ms. Candra Walters, Physical Therapist. This great questions and answer talk will give you information about your health concerns with therapy, exercise and your arthritis. Pre-registration and membership required.

  Day   Date   Time   Age   Topic
  Th   Mar 30   6:00-7:00 pm   50+   Benefits of Active Lifestyles
Location:    Orion Center, Wellness Room
Fee:   FREE

Stay Strong Exercise Class

This class meets every Wednesday. Learn stretching and exercises from a chair. An energizing way to start your day. Membership and pre-registration required. Late registration accepted. 

Code    Day   Date   Time   Age
3500.232   W   Apr 5-May 24   10:00-11:00 am   50+
Location:    Orion Center, Fitness Room
Fee:   $7