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Police Services

Orion Township has a proud history of contracting for police services with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office dating back to 1952. Contracted police services has proven to be a very effective and efficient means to provide the best possible police services to residents by sharing services and resources,  while still maintaining a dedicated local police organization in our community.  This policing model of pooling resources and tailoring police services to the specific needs of a community is successfully used throughout our country.

We currently provide 24/7 police protection with a staff of twenty-six full-time certified Deputies  working out of the Orion Township Substation located at the Orion Township Hall, 2525 Joslyn Road. You can access all our services and community programs 8:30AM - 4:30PM Monday through Friday.  Deputies are dispatched 24/7 for all other public safety matters.  For after business hour service at the Station, a direct-line call-box to our 911 center is located at the main entrance to the police station.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center services all public safety response calls for Orion Township and is one of the most advanced public safety inter-operable 911 centers in the nation.  The dispatch center houses the Michigan Safety Communication System (MPSCS) for the best possible regional response for SE Michigan. Dispatchers are trained, nationally accredited and tested for Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD), Emergency Fire Dispatch (EFD) and Emergency Police Dispatch (EPD).

 In addition to our dedicated Orion Township Deputies, we are fully supported with all of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Special Units. These specialized units and investigators bring additional equipment, training and resources to our community quickly and seamlessly as needed.  These units include: Narcotics Enforcement (NET), Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), Forensic Crime Scene Technicians supported by a Nationally Accredited Full-Service Forensic Lab, Computer Crimes, Fugitive Unit, Dive Team and Aviation Unit, Violent Crimes Task Force, Auto Theft Unit, Arson Unit, Special Investigations Unit and augmented with our volunteer Reserve Deputies Unit for special events and emergency response.

If you are unable to find the information or assistance you need, please do not hesitate to contact my office.

Lieutenant Daniel R. Toth
Orion Township Station Commander

Additional Services at Sheriff's Main Location

RESULTS Program     Click on link below for details


Child Internet Safety Program        Click on the link below to listen to Sheriff Michael Bouchard
talking to parents about the internet safety program


Sex Offender Listing

Information by zip code is available on the state website:   www.Mipsor.state.Mi.us
If you don’t have internet access the list may be viewed at the Records Department 1201 N. Telegraph Bldg. 10 East, Pontiac MI 48341.

Criminal Background Checks or Fingerprints

Available at the Central Records Department located at 1201 N. Telegraph Bldg. 10 East, Pontiac MI 48341.  For more information call  (248) 858-5011 Monday-Friday 8:30a-4:30p

Car Seat Safety Inspection 

Contact Julie Smith at the Oakland County Health Division 248-858-2061.  She is located at the Health Division

ICE In Case of Emergency

What if…

You’re incapacitated due to an accident or medical emergency?
ICE -In Case of Emergency.  It’s free and easy and could one day save your life.  Put ICE in your cell phone and make it easier for emergency personnel to contact loved ones in case of an emergency to get your medical history.  Make a new entry with the word “ICE” followed by the name of the person you want called in emergency situations (ex: ICE-Dave, ICE-Mom).  For more than one contact use ICE 1-Dave, Ice 2- Mom,  etc.).  Make sure that person(s) know your medical history.  Individuals without cell phones should carry an identification card with emergency contacts and medical information in your wallet or purse.
Orion Substation Commander
Lieutenant Daniel R. Toth
For emergencies call
Non-Emergency Dispatch
(248) 858-4911: Deputy response to your location 
Orion Township Substation
(248) 393-0090: Business hours are M-F, 8:30a-4:30p: Officers work 24/7 and can be reached at 248-858-4950   

Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Main
(248) 858-5000
Oakland County Central Records (248) 858-5102
Animal Control (248) 391-4012
Marine Division (248) 858-7831
Parks & Recreation (Orion Oaks) (248) 858-1597
Community Questions email ocsoort@oakgov.com
Sheriff’s Office website  www.oaklandsheriff.com
Community Services at Orion Substations

Public Safety Information Center

Our Safety Information Center is located in our lobby and covers nearly all aspects of public safety and emergency preparedness topics to help residents stay safe!
Group and Home Owner Safety Presentations
Your group or home owner’s association can request a Deputy to discuss safety and concerns.
House Check Program
Our house check program provides residents with an additional means of security while away from home.   Deputies are provided directed extra patrols for specific dates and times.  You can call the substation during business hours to register your home while you are on vacation or extend times away.

Directed Traffic Enforcement

Residents and business owners are able to assist with traffic enforcement by reporting issues that our Deputies will first assess and then follow-up with enforcement action.

Community Alerts

The Sheriff’s Office routinely sends out alerts regarding road closures, accidents or areas motorists should avoid AND information relating to public safety.   To sign-up, click-on the Community Alert symbol or box on the top right of the Sheriff’s web page www.oaklandsheriff.com . This will take you to the Oakland County sign-up page where you can either chose an e-mail or text as a means for the alert. You will then have several types of alerts to choose from.  Scroll down to the Sheriff’s Substations and check both boxes for Orion Township.   You may want to also check the surrounding townships if you commute through these areas.   When linked to your smart phones, you will receive alerts immediately should you be on the roadway.   Most of our radio and news stations get our alerts and this helps us all stay connected and avoid traffic backups.

Copies of reports

Available forty-eight (48) hours after taken- Please call ahead
Orion resident fee $3.00 per copy                Non-resident fee $7.00 per copy

Operation Medicine Cabinet

Drop off your expired and unwanted pills during business hours    Monday-Friday 8:30a-4p
Place all pills in a zip lock bag (without bottles or boxes)   No inhalers or needles accepted.

Re-Cycle for Kids

Drop off your used bikes at the east entrance by the picnic table and we will have them picked-up and taken to the Sheriff’s Office to be distributed to needy children.    The bikes are re-furbished by a local bike shop before distribution.   Question about the program should be directed to Mandy Andrews (248) 858-1947

Bears on Patrol

Drop off small, gently used or new teddy bears (or other stuffed     animals) for the officer to carry in their vehicles for children involved in accidents and other incidents.

Senior Cell Phone Program

Drop off your used cell phone with charger and we will give see that it gets to the Sheriff’s Office for the 911 Senior Cell Phone Program.  The phones are re-programmed and dial 911 emergencies only.  Senior hotline number is (248) 975-9000 for more information on the Senior Cell Phone Program.   To pick up a cell phone, please visit the Sheriff’s main office at 1200 N. Telegraph, Building 38E, Pontiac, MI 48341.  Phones are available every Friday from 9:00a-12:00p, and every first (1st) and third (3rd) Saturday from 9:00a-12:00p

Coats for the Cold

Every November   you can drop off your gently used coats to be distributed to those in need.