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Friendship Park

With 134.97 acres of land, Friendship Park is the largest Township owned property. It is located at the intersection of Baldwin and Clarkston Roads with access from Clarkston Road. The park’s building houses summer camps, preschool classes, yoga, tai chi and safety classes, along with rentals. The park incorporates the following facilities:

  • 4 baseball fields
  • 8 soccer fields
  • ADA accessible playground (Dragon's Den)
  • 1 wheelchair accessible playground
  • Picnic shelter (40 people at tables)
  • Park building with restrooms (indoor and outdoor access), indoor multi-purpose meeting room, small kitchen (45 people at tables or 75 seats) and covered outdoor portion (75 people at tables)
  • Restrooms in the northern area of the park
  • Wedding gazebo/shelter (150-200 people in area)
  • Historic Howarth School House and Porritt Barn
  • Fishing Pond
  • Limestone surface park trails
  • Community Garden (Plots available for rent. Contact the Community Programs Department)
  • Parking areas

 Click here to view the park and field rental packet.